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In 1995 we founded a small company called simply: Campo Base. The main idea was to create a company specialized in adventure tours in Aconcagua.

Since then, over ten years of hard work, Campo Base has become a successful Expeditions Company with more than 30 members in its staff (guides, assistants, logistics specialists, etc.). Today we can proudly say that we are the third company most preferred by visitors and expeditions to the Provincial Park Aconcagua.
We are an autonomous company, we don’t depend upon intermediaries; we have our own staff of: guides, assistants, logistics coordinators, base camps, transport, hotels in Mendoza, hostels in Mendoza and Penitentes, mules, radio communication, meals, and much more. That tiny company run by its owners has become today: Campo Base Travel and Adventure, and has grown beyond our dreams, reaching new horizons.
We are, just as you are, a man or a woman, who love mountaineering. Year after year, with the help and support of our guides, many have summit the Aconcagua, and thus when someone has a dream in his or her mind and heart, and gives everything to conquer it, you can fulfill it.

As a Company of Expeditions, together with our mountain guides, we have many responsibilities towards the Aconcagua visitors: we bring security, friendship, company, guidance, etc, not only in the professional aspect but also (and equally important) in a personal level. Cooperation among mountaineers is a permanent feeling and need, and it is expressed in every moment up in the peaks of the Andes, and we are conscious that those moments will last forever in our minds and souls as much as in yours.

To feel the fast breathing of your partner behind you is just one descriptive element of the cohesion that the human condition is capable of assuming. There is nothing that can break that feeling, at that moment it doesn’t matter if that person professes other religion, or if it is from a different ethnic group, nothing that can draw us apart.

It is impossible to describe the passion for Aconcagua without mentioning its beauty. The amazing reddish sunsets, the contrasts of colors of the different rock formations, the sounds of nature: birds, clear streams, drops falling from the glaziers and the majestic sound of the wind…

Each year we get ready for the task we are about to begin. Each season is a unique, indescribable and challenging experience for our lives.
Campo Base has a staff of 30 people to host our visitors from the moment that you arrive at the airport, our drivers and coordinators are there, the 24 hours customer service at our offices in Mendoza, the technical assistance to receive your permit to enter Parque Aconcagua and to rent or buy your equipment, our guides who accompany you from your arrival to Mendoza, the managers and the cooks, the porters; a whole group of people who are committed to one dream: reaching the summit of the Aconcagua.

There’s only one left thing to say: the experiences are endless and if you have the chance don’t doubt it: come visit the "Colossus of America”
"If someone asked me what I get by climbing or trying to summit the highest peak of Earth, I would have to answer that I obtain nothing. There is no scientific goal that justifies it, but only the satisfaction of achieving it, the indomitable desire that lies in a man’s heart”

George L. Mallory (1886 – 1924)

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