Permanent Camps
Confluencia, Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Argentina
Year after year we renew our services with different activities in each area. Our experienced and highly qualified staff will make their best on their task of being hosts and hostesses of the Aconcagua. All the members of Campo Base Travel and Adventures are bilingual young professionals who love mountaineering.
About our tents, they have been specially designed to fit the weather condition of each location and to fulfill every need.

Services at our high altitude camps

Kitchen tents
Fully equipped with modern appliances, our cooks have everything they need to meet the requirements of food conservation and hygiene. The water comes directly from glaziers to special tanks where it is demineralized and purified to make it potable.

Dining tents: Are furnished with tables and chairs, electricity (220v) provided by our geodesic generator, heater and a proper ventilation system.

Forty people can be served in our dining tents. You never have to wait long turns and you can stay in the tent as long as you wish, having all your meals on time.

Additional Dining Tents
Theses tents are exclusively for those groups who require our services of mules, transfer or hotels, you can use our additional dining tents to cook your food and have your meals. They are fully equipped as the Dining Tents. There is a timetable for the use of these tents. The most important issue here is that you won’t have to cook in your small tent.

Sleeping Tents
These tents are furnished with beds with pillows and mattresses. Our guided expeditions can sleep here and also the expeditions with Logistics in the Aconcagua. These tents make your stay easier in two ways: on the one side, you have a good and relaxed sleep and on the other, you won’t have to transport your own tent up to Base Camp and High Altitude Camp. Plaza de Mulas can get really crowded sometimes, and you may not find a platform for your tent. After an exhausting journey there’s nothing better than a comfortable bed during your acclimation period
Luggage Keeping Tents
We can keep the equipment you won’t need in a safe place while you go to the high altitude camps. Each piece of luggage will be stored with your name on it, and will be under the surveillance of our staff with no extra charge. These are the tents where we keep the equipment that later will be transported by mules.
The bathrooms have toilettes, which provide comfort and hygiene. There is a dehydration system in the bathrooms to keep the environment safe of chemical waste used in other bathroom disposal systems.

Communications Tent
We keep a permanent communication among all our camps, high altitude expeditions, rescue patrol, helicopters, park rangers, Penitentes and with Mendoza City.

Services Tent
There are several services for our mountaineers: internet, electricity (220v) used to recharge all kinds of batteries, cell phones, cameras, etc. ,satellite telephones to be in touch with anyone in the world and a recreational room with music.
The camps count with first aid emergency kits, oximeter, and hyperbaric chamber.
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