Complete budget and logistics for expeditions without guides
We have organized a complete budget including all you need to summit the Aconcagua through the Normal Route. We will facilitate your expedition with a complete plan for your convenience in safety and success.

Our Complete Budget includes:
  1. Transfer from Mendoza airport or bus terminal to a 3 stars hotel in our exclusive minibus.
  2. Transfer to obtain permits in our exclusive minibus.
  3. Transfer from Mendoza City to Penitentes in our exclusive minibus.
  4. From Penitentes to Horcones (at arrival) 
  5. From Horcones to Penitentes (at the end of the expedition)
  6. From Penitentes to hotel or hostel in Mendoza city
  7. From hotel or hostel in Mendoza to airport or bus terminal
  • Three star hotel in Mendoza City or in our Campo Base Hostel  (1 night at arrival, 1 night before departure)
  • Campo Base Hostel Penitentes (1 night at arrival)
  • Confluencia base camp: 1 night in our sleeping tents with individual beds and bathrooms with hot water showers, located at our service camps.
  • Plaza de Mulas: 6 nights in our sleeping tents with individual beds and bathrooms with hot water showers, located at our service camps.
Meals: All the meals in the expedition are as follows
  • Full pension in Mendoza city, at arrival and departure.
  • Full pension at Penitentes
  • Full pension at our permanent camps: Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas. The included meals are: breakfast, lunch dinner at our dinner tents in each camp. Also, on going meals in the way to Plaza de Mulas. At Plaza de Mulas: full pension. 
Luggage Custody
  1. Luggage custody at Mendoza, Penitentes and Plaza de Mulas..
Technical Assistance:
  1. An assistant will be with your group from the airport to Penitentes.
  2. The group will be assisted by the hostel manager in Penitentes, and camp managers at Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas.
  1. Includes 30kg of equipment per person at the beginning and at the end of the expedition.
Not Included:
  1. Aconcagua Entrance Permits.
  2. High altitude meals.
  3. High altitude tents
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