The only 21 day expedition in the Aconcagua!

We have developed a unique concept of guided climbing to the Aconcagua through: Normal Route, Ruta de los Campamentos, Glaciar de los Polacos via Plaza de Mulas, called: 21 Days of Expedition: "The Way to Summit the Aconcagua”.

Expedition Aconcagua 21
This is the way we call all the expeditions we organize to climb the Aconcagua, from November to March, this expeditions are 21 days long.
Why it is 21 days long ?
The climbing of a high altitude mountain like Aconcagua is conditioned by three important factors:
  • Acclimation
  • Meteorology
  • Guides
The Expedition Aconcagua 21 has specific methods in dealing with these factors:

Intelligent Progressive Climbing
1) Acclimation (Intelligent Progressive Climbing)
The main reason for not reaching the Aconcagua’s summit is the lack of acclimation of the human body to the altitude. In our plan we work out the strategy of climbing and descending nearby mountains and base camps in the Normal Route combined with days to rest and a high altitude diet as a result of this strategy on those days of hard climbing towards the peak your strength and psychological predisposition are excellent. These 21 days are not a random number of days, this was designed by a medical group experienced in mountain medicine; studies have established that the body gets used to the height by the 11th day. We control and register permanently the acclimation, hydration and feeding of each one of the members of our group, we use the pulse oximeter, Louis Lake Test, and personalized observation.
Extra Days
2) Meteorology (Extra Days)
Another problem that the Normal Route might have is the adverse weather conditions during the climbing days or in the very day we summit the Aconcagua. It is crucial to be able to wait for better weather or to take a second trek to the peak. This is possible only if we have extra days. 
High Qualified Staff
3) Guides and Assistants (High Qualified Staff)
NOur professional guides have a great deal of experience in high mountain climbing, they arealways assisted by other professional guide, a cook and porters necessary every 5 climbers. This number of professional assistants is of major importance, so every climber, the fastest and the slower ones can all summit the Aconcagua. Our assistants, apart from being experts in different disciplines concerning mountaineering (meteorology, security, orientation) they concentrate their attention in group dynamic techniques, specialized in extreme environments. 
Integral Logistics Support

4) All the support you need (Integral Logistics Support)
The expedition includes everything since your arrival to Mendoza:

Integral Logistics Support
4) All the support you need (Integral Logistics Support)
The expedition includes everything since your arrival to Mendoza:
  • Transfers, hotels, meals
  • Base camps and high camps
  • Technical assistance
  • Mules to transport the equipment
  • Meals in all camps
  • Guides, assistant guides, cooks
  • Porters
  • Permanent communication via radio, satellite telephone, internet
  • Evacuation insurance, medical assistance
  • There is No extra charge in the expeditions

Many mountaineers of the world try every year to conquer America’s highest peak. Among the rocks there are thousands of stories of adventurers who want to measure their strength with the Aconcagua’s, a majestic mountain of 6962 m over sea level.

These are our featured tours to the Aconcagua this season 2007/08
There are several ways to get to the Aconcagua, it is very important that you arrive to Argentina from your home town with the most important decision already taken: how you and your expedition will summit the Aconcagua. In order to help you in this significant assignment we have different plans and information on how to optimize the organization of your trip.
Guided Expeditions:

Details about the expedition

  • The expedition day by day
  • Recommended equipment
  • Season dates
  • Expeditions without guides: Our Services:
    • Airline tickets
    • Bus tickets
    • Transfer from Santiago de Chile or Buenos Aires
    • Campamentos Confluencia, Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Argentina
    • Mules to transport equipment
    • Transfers, hotels, meals, guides, porters
    • Permits to enter Parque Aconcagua
    • Equipment: rental and sails
    • Expedition logistics
    Complete service for expeditions that do not require guides.
    Trekking in the Aconcagua
    In our trekking and horse rides we do not take into account records, meters, height, time in minutes, hours, etc. We talk about starry nights, incredible sights or maybe a small tiny place where each person finds him or herself.

    1) Trekking Plaza Francia
    South wall of the Aconcagua:

    This is one of the most attractive treks, and there’s no need of a certain physical condition, everyone can do it.

    2) Trekking of Campamento Plaza de Mulas and Plaza Francia
    Base camp of the North Route and South of the Aconcagua:
    In this trek you will not only be at the very Aconcagua but also you will live the same experiences of the people who climb to the top, because this is the same route mountaineers take to the summit. You will be surrounded by glaziers and peaks higher than 5000 m, and you will be able to stay at the biggest base camp on Earth


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