Other denominations Ackon Cahuak ( rock sentinel), Aconca-Hue ( snowed mountain)
Altitud 6.962 msnm
Latitud 32° 39´ S
Length 70° 01´ O
Mountain Andes Mountain range
Location Mendoza (Argentina)
Nearest population Puente del Inca
First Climbing January 14th,1897
Climber Mathías Zurbriggen

The Aconcagua is a peak that belongs to the Andes Mountain Range, it is located in the Province of Mendoza, towards its North west side, 185 km from Mendoza city and 15km away from the Chilean border, in the Department of Las Heras and 1185km from Buenos Aires. It is the highest mountain in America and the highest one outside Asia.

The mountain is 6962m over sea level. To the North and to the East is Valle de las Vacas and to the West and South is Valle de los Horcones Inferior. There are several glaziers in its sides, but two are the most important: Glaciar Polaco (N-W) and Glaciar Ingles(E). The Aconcagua is protected by 71000ha of the Provincial Park Aconcagua, it is visited by mountaineers of all over the globe.

Geological studies situate the Aconcagua’s formation about 200 to 280 millions of years ago, it was created by the subduction of Nazca plaque, under the South-American plaque during the orogeny of the Andes, in the tertiary period due to its recent formation.

Its name’s origin is not clear: it may be araucano o mapudungun: AconcaHue, or quechua : Ackon Cahuak, meaning: Rock Sentinel.

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